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The AR 15 Rifle

American Arms Group Inc. The AR 15 rifle and M4 Carbine assault rifles are manufactured by American Arms Group and used by elite police SWAT and military units worldwide.
American Arms Group, Inc., is an industry leader as a premier manufacturer of precision military assault rifles and tactical gear for law enforcement, military, and elite tactical teams.
Manufactured to the highest tolerances, every gun part of an American Arms Group weapon is engineered and machined to the highest standard for functionality, performance and durability.
Elite tactical teams use American Arms Group military assault weapons when failure is not an option!
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Military Assault Rifes the AR 15 rifle M4 Carbine gun parts accessories forend receiver lower handguard Police Gear Tactical Equipment US Army Navy Airforce Marines Lanyard Belt Sling Molle Vest Nylon Webbing Cetacea Cobra Gear Tactical Equipment Lanyard Sling and Strap Molle Vest Nylong Webbing cobalt-pink-ar-15-rifle-gun-parts-accessories-duracoat-lower-receiver-magazine
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